I Discovered Old Cats Fanfiction in my Childhood Bedroom

Back in August I posted this picture to my Instagram Stories:

I finally decided to sit down and really take a look at what was in those folders. What I found was 36  different Cats fanfiction all from different authors on various websites that no longer exist. We're talking geocities, angelfire, tripod, fortunecity, homestead, and other free website hosts from the late 90s/early 00s. A few did not have the website or date on the page and a few did not even have an author named. Some are short and some are very very long. It will likely take me a very long time to scan every page, so I have decided to do it per request and in my own time. If one of these fics is yours and you do not wish it to be archived, please contact me. Anyway, here are the titles and authors of the fics in the order I printed them off the internet. I have not read any of them, but I probably will as I scan them and provide trigger warnings and summaries. (and my own review, perhaps) And maybe, just maybe, this will inspire me to post my old Cats fan fiction I co-wrote from that time. (or at least, be very thankful I did not.)

No Date

Snow In Summer by Elise

The New Tribe by Tera

My Unfinished Novel! by unknown

untitled by unknown

After the Ball: Macavity Returns by Bombmeter


Catheisme the Jellicle by Brian

Ultimatum by Chasm

Whiteshadow by unknown

The Sky is Burning by Beezlebaumb

Terra by Emeralina

"CATS" PAWS OF FUR-Y by Ungureanu

Munkustrap's problems by Petra

Luna by Tigertailz

Magical Mystery by Mistofleeze

Convicted by unknown

Daddy's Little Girl by Valerie Thompson


Vixa by unknown

A CATS' STORY by Triskell

Mythica by Mieve

The Common Conversation by Mistoffelees

Remembrance by Kita

For All The Days Gone By by Veronikitty

Before the Junkyard by Bombalurina

The First Time Is Always The Roughest by Nefret

"The Past and the Future" by Leamder

untitled by unknown

Beyond The Junkyard by Kashmir

Beyond The Junkyard 2: Calling Me Back by Kashmir

Wheskers' Tail by Adas


What Do You Do With a Half-Jellicle Cat? by Ratha

Taline's Story by Taline

Chosen by Solstice

A Cat With a Lot to Hide by Faline

Devilian by Dreamima

The Last Jellicle Ball by Lightfoot

Tippiebrown by Tippiebrown

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