Fillory needs meds way more than magic.

So I started watching a show on Netflix called The Magicians that had to do with magic. (I love fantasy.) Two seasons and a third way into the first novel and I've fallen quite in love. Before I recommend the show to you, be aware you might want to look up trigger warnings if you need to. (i.e. assault, gets pretty dark.)
IMG_0096 My favorite things about this show, beyond the fantasy setting and the fact it's Hogwarts crossed with Narnia but adult, is how it deals with sexuality and how it deals with depression. It's not without its faults of course, but it's an extremely sexually aware show. This io9 article (w/ spoilers!) goes in depth about that. And as far as depression, that's almost what the whole show (and I'm assuming the books, I'm only on page 108) is all about. This AVClub article (w/ spoilers!) does a great job of talking about that.
IMG_0095 Sometimes the show is silly and sloppy and frankly ridiculous, but so many of my favorite shows are. My favorite character from the show is Eliot. I may or may not be contemplating a Margo cosplay. I kinda hate Quentin, but I understand him? I can't wait to keep reading! (and watching, when will season 3 come to Netflix?)
I just finished designing a pin (or magnet, you choose) pack inspired by the first season of the show. I mentioned to my parents that I was interested in reading the books and they sent me all three as an early birthday present! (Or maybe I just opened the package 2 weeks too early, heh.) Thanks, mom and dad!
I hope you enjoy my designs, they can be purchased at my Etsy shop here. If people are into it, I might do more of these mini-reviews of the things my pins are based on. Thanks for reading!