Reviewing Week Two of VEDIM(M)

Oh wow, am I learning a lot from VEDIM(M)! This week started off on Monday with a pretty long video tag that revealed a lot about how I've been feeling about YouTube recently and my own YouTube history. It did well and a few people I tagged even did it. This week was also the first week where I skipped a day. It was my slight contribution to the Day Without a Woman strike. I realize YouTube is not my job, but I just didn't feel right "being seen" that day, if that makes any sense.

Overall week two was much more stressful than week one. It was longer, I had less pre-recorded videos to use, and I had some bad days. Friday and Sunday were the first montages I did. I did not even promote them anywhere save for the auto-tweet that all my videos get. There were only 2 pre-recorded videos, the last of what I had stock-pilled. (Since I decided to delete the footage from a 'get ready with me' I shot...) It was rough, but I have to remind myself of that second 'M.' It's perfectly okay to skip more days. 

I might skip today out of necessity. I'm busy on an edit for work and I think my Premiere will be tied up in that till this evening. Lets hope I can bulk shoot today at least. Feel free to brows the thumbnails and click on the ones that spark your interest. Thank you!