Reviewing Week Three of VEDIM(M)

VEDIM(M) week three, come and gone. I fell into a groove this week that I really liked. The groove is as follows: Monday: video, Tuesday: no video, Wednesday: makeup time lapse via Twitch, Thursday: no video, Friday: video, Saturday: montage, Sunday: live stream.

I like this format so much I'm replicating it for the fourth week. It's a formula that really feels much more balanced than a full on video every single day. If week four goes well I might take elements for the final week. (Though the last two videos are already planned.)

Part of me is really looking forward to posting only once a week but this continued work is really helpful to understanding things about myself. Like recognizing patterns in my emotions on days I feel too worn out to make a video, or feeling the waves of inspiration and ambition ebb and flow. Some days I love my huge list of ideas, it makes me feel like I have no limitations. Other days that list is a source of guilt, the videos I should be making but instead do something that requires much less effort.

Here are the videos from week three, click on the thumbnails that entice you, or watch them all here.