Seeing Cats in Costume

My experience seeing Cats in costume!  Watch me embarrassingly fangirl over Tyler Hanes and MORE in this video that makes you question the fact I'm a 30-year-old adult married woman and not a 14-year-old obsessed teenager.

BroadwayCon 2017 - Day 3

Day three! The final day! The day I completed my goal and met Andy Blankenbuehler, the choreographer of Hamilton and the Cats revival. I think he dug my costume. ;)

The rest of the day was one of sad goodbyes, joyful singalongs, and promises of hanging out before the next BroadwayCon. If the first BroadwayCon was about meeting new people, the second was about re-connecting and expanding the circle of like-minded theater fans. America's kind of messed up right now, so it was refreshing to spend a weekend worry free and safe. The ending ceremony explained it so well, I filmed it and you can watch it here. If you prefer a video of the entire experience, you can watch my vlog here.
IMG_7988 IMG_7997 IMG_7998 Feeling good to be done with that makeup, four days in a row is a lot!
IMG_8019 Here's the one photo I took at Broadway Sessions. Ben Cameron is such a fun guy. Thanks for letting dance and sing on your stage despite how terrible I am at it! Haha! (Yes video of that exists, no I will not post it online.)

BroadwayCon 2017 - Day 2 & the Curtain Up On Cosplay Panel

A day of Jellicles, that's what Saturday was. So many Cats fans running about in costume, what day! The day started out with the awesome panel I was on! It was called 'Curtin Up On Cosplay' and featured my friend Lindsey of Phantom on a Budget and some other amazing (all women!) cosplayers. It's the second ever panel I've been on at a convention and honestly, it was an honor. (Video of the full panel at the bottom of this post!)

The day was a success. I made new friends, gave away more pins, and saw so many great things. It was such a full day I went to bed early again to get ready for the last full day of the con.
IMG_7833 IMG_7844 IMG_7847 IMG_7855 IMG_7905 IMG_7927 IMG_7933

BroadwayCon 2017 - Day 1

BroadwayCon day one, MEOWexander Hamilton makes his debut! He was such a hit! I felt so confident as a founding father jellicle, it was weird and amazing. This year the convention was held in a wing of the Javits Center in NYC so there was much more space but it was a bit longer of a walk than just downstairs. The vendor hall was the main walking area and there were different rooms for the panels. The autograph/photo sessions were at the end of the hall and honestly did not seem as popular as last year. The main stage felt less 'theatrical' and more 'held-in-a-warehouse' but honestly, this year was more about interacting than large-scale events.

The cosplay this year was phenomenal! I put a video together showcasing a selection of great costumes and here's my photo dump from day one:

IMG_7717 IMG_7721 IMG_7726 IMG_7738 IMG_7753_1 IMG_7754 IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7763 IMG_7767 IMG_7769 IMG_7789 IMG_7792 IMG_7793 IMG_7797 IMG_7806 IMG_7807 IMG_7814 IMG_7815 IMG_7816

I ended my day with a free bottle of wine from Felix at the Cassa Times Square hotel and some cable TV (so fancy), and what do you know, Dazed and Confused was on! Our own Anthony Rapp is in that movie! (Ain't he cute?) Half-way through my 'wearing-cats-makeup-4-days-in-a-row' endeavor, I went to bed early.

The Cosplay Music Video of BroadwayCon NYC 2017

Here is the cosplay music video of BroadwayCon NYC 2017!
Thank you to all the cosplayers, for helping make this video happen! You can watch more BroadwayCon videos here! Subscribe for more, like, share and comment on the video as it helps me to make more content! You can also support the videos on my Patreon.

BroadwayCon Closing Number 2017

Here is the BroadwayCon Closing Number! Song starts at 3:15 Sorry it's so shaky, I was getting a bit emotional. I just wanted to film this in case no one else did.

BroadwayCon NYC 2017

MEOWexander Hamilton reporting from BroadwayCon NYC 2017! I didn’t think BroadwayCon could get any better, but this year it did! Please enjoy my vlog of the three-day experience!

Shop my Closet! - Starting my Journey to a Capsule Wardrobe

One of my goals this year is to head towards owning a capsule wardrobe. That means owning less and better quality clothing. It's strange, was never the type of girl to own or wear lots of dresses, yet I'm sad to see these go because of all the memories tied to them. I was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl for most of high school and college, however, in my 20s (partially allured by the cute ‘outfit posts’ of fellow bloggers) I started buying new and inexpensive dresses for things like weddings, parties, holidays, and anything else I felt like I couldn't wear the same thing twice to. (Not true! Being an outfit repeater is OKAY!!)

I got bullied in Elementary school for being and outfit repeater, so choosing a lifestyle (or at least giving it a shot) is kinda scary. Though I adore these clothes, I realize they’d be better off with someone who’d actually wear them. I have a few dresses (mostly size: M), some t-shirts, and other things for sale on Poshmark, just click here. (Or follow my Pinterest Board, it updates as they get listed, but not sold.) Thank you for taking the time to see what I've listed.

Sooo sad to see this dress go! (I graduated college in it and it's my Belle Disneybound dress) It just does not fit anymore. :( I kinda hope a Disneybounder buys it. (If so, show me pics!)

MEOWexander Hamilton Makeup Trial Tutorial Time Lapse for BroadwayCon

For BroadwayCon this year I dressed up as my own character, MEOWexander Hamilton. (A cross-over between my two favorite musicals.)It's always smart to do a trial of any makeup or effects before you go to a con, that way you can work out issues with more time. I was completely designing the character so this step was necessary. I decided to film it (video is at the bottom of this post!) and also stream it on Twitch. I've live streamed Cats makeup before but never on Twitch, so there was a whole other level of making sure the stream was going well and I was paying attention to the chat. The character went through several versions, some in the stream and (since I wore the character 4 days in a row) he changed a bit each day. Enjoy the photos of the first version and please watch the video below. MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup