2017 Goals

The last time I wrote about my goals was last summer and about 50% of those were completed. But I haven’t done a big 'start of the year’ goals post since 2015. I never did a ‘In 2015 I…’ post despite many life-changing and amazing things that happened that year. The truth is, the following year was tough, and I’m not going to pretend that those reasons are magically gone due to a revolution around the sun. The feeling of renewal at the new year is in part due to tradition. The thing is, humans love traditions. So, I’m just gonna go with it. Here are my 2017 goals. Through this ‘blog' slash 'online journal' slash 'chronicles of me,' I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the progression of said goals. They might become short updates or full posts. Anyways, enjoy.

Life Stuff

  •  Read (at least) 25 books.
A book's a book, so picture books and comics (TPBs) count. ;)

  • Shop more consciously.
Research and learn about the options that are out there and the consequences of shopping at different places. Use that knowledge to weigh my options. Think about environmental impact, human rights, and health; but also take price and my current financial situation into account. 

  • Waste less.
As much as I can, when I can, try and lower my carbon footprint.

  • Start my journey to a capsule wardrobe.
Always feel confident and comfortable in the clothing I wear. Learn more about the issues regarding 'fast fashion'. Maybe sew some clothes myself...

  • Don't put my life on hold due to fears.
A little cryptic but this applies to many things in my life.

Internet Stuff
  • Write about my 2015.
  • Write about my 2016.
  • (Finally) post wedding photos.
  • *Secret* project (shhhh) <—totally a link to it. pls follow…? and share ♥ 
  • Sort out my digital life. (*sings* digital style!)
This one might need some explaining. I tend to start a lot of projects, join a lot of Facebook groups, enter into different online communities, and then run out of time for everything. I want to start over, in a way. My time is valuable and I don't want to spread myself too thin. This also references my files and hard drive situation...and it is a 'situation.' Oh and if you know what 'digital style' is from...wow look a bar graph!

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