Lets take a moment

I’ve been having a hard time blogging on a schedule since my wedding and my cross-country move. I’ve written a few different “I’m back!” posts since then but nothing’s seemed to stick. (here, here, and here.)  Adjusting to a new state and coast, working from home, being far away from family, and struggling a bit financially for the first time, are some of the culprits. All of those have led to poor mental health and worry. (Honestly, it’s amazing I’ve managed to keep up with making videos.) The reason I'm mentioning all of those things here is to remind myself that I can’t blame last week on my blog’s failure in the future. Last week was just the straw. That awful orange straw and I'm the donkey camel with the broken back. (Though it's anything but minor...more like the sledgehammer that floored the poor camel.)

Last week was devastating. There is no bright side, there is no selfish escaping to other countries, there is is just the overwhelming realization that we are facing what could be a very hard 4 to 8 years. The push and pull of politics is the reality of this country. However we don't have time for a 'push and pull' about the environment. Along with fearing for the immediate rights of people, I fear for future generations living on this planet. ""We can’t unmelt the Arctic or magically remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. We make decisions today that future generations must live with."

I'm working up the spirit to get back to *business, but I can’t continue on this blog (or any other public place I exist online) without acknowledging what’s going on, yet I don’t want to rant on forever without taking action. I’ll read up, plan, act, and fight. I’ll go back to creating what I create. I just can’t let him take away one of the things that makes me happy, and I can’t feel guilty for being positive and happy about other things in my life. 

Take care of yourselves, really.

*This blog, YouTube, and other fun internet-related hobbies.