Flawed by Cecelia Ahern - Book Review & Giveaway

I recently read and reviewed the book Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. I really liked Flawed! It's the typical dystopian YA teenage girl saving the world story that I absolutely love...when done right, and Flawed does it right!

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And here's the review:

Hamilton & Burr Duel Collar Pins - Birthday Outfit

I have not shared these with you yet but these are photos from what I wore during the day on my 30th birthday back in April. The day was lovely, I had crepes for lunch with friends (a birthday tradition since college!) and walked to St. John's College for the annual croquet match against the Naval Acadamy. Outside of a few gorgeous costumes, the event was really a bust for us. Too many young drunk college kids for our liking and not enough actual croquet...go figure.
Hamilton & Burr Duel Collar Pins
After that, we visited my favorite places,the appropriately titled Annapolis Bookstore. They sell new and used books and the building itself is old and magical. I'll have to do a full photo tour of that place someday, it's marvelous. We took these photos in the garden out back of the shop.
Hamilton & Burr Duel Collar Pins
These collar pins are from my shop and feature an old illustration of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Ever since the musical came out my Hamilton inspired pins and magnets have been doing fairly well. I love this very wearable piece perhaps the most. Hamilton & Burr Duel Collar Pins You'll see these pins again soon in other outfit posts and perhaps I'll design some new collar pins in the future. If you have any ideas or requests for me, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Hamilton & Burr Duel Collar Pins Photo Credit: Mike Hannum

Outfit Details
Dress // Modcloth *affiliate link
Bag // Jo Totes
Glasses // Zenni Optical
Shoes // DSW 

EtsyUp! Haul and Vlog

Let me just start by saying that never have I been to a conference or convention with a more generous swag bag. This was probably due to there only being 400 attendees and the (kinda high) ticket price. The EtsyUp! swag bag itself is beautiful, I mean look at that art! There was also an Etsy banner/flag thing, a stainless steel water bottle, and that's my name tag with one of my buttons on the left.
This cute mug was given to us at the end of the conference, as a surprise last gift. It was made by Small Glow. We also received 3 books in our swag bags:

  • New Order by Fay Wolf
  • Dinner the Playbook by Jenny Rosenstrach
  • Self Made by Nely Gal├ín
Each author spoke at the conference and each was inspiring and uplifting in their own way.

Here is the schedule and map, a notepad with tag ideas (SEO!), an adorable notebook, a luggage tag from Special Event Keys and the other side of the mug.

I visited the pavilion and got a ton of free samples and business cards and flyers. The most valuable part was actually talking to the representatives from Etsy and other companies.

One fun surprise was being one of the few people to win the raffle for swag bag from the San Francisco Etsy Team! Their bags are really great quality and I have been to San Francisco so I don't feel like a fraud toting it around, lol!

So the first thing I pulled out of the bag was another bag! It's a leather backpack by Vincie. It's wonderful quality, limited edition, and I think my laptop will just about fit inside.

Next was a bunch of soap and lip scrubs. (Seriously so much!) The lip scrubs and large soap bar are from Pixie Rocks Crafts and the other soap samples are from Etta + Billie and A Slice of Delight.

In the last group of stuff was a sleep mask from Lights Out Go Bed, a button from Stephanie Hatch, wall hanging/ornament photography on wood by Cuppa Fog, and a wooden necklace from Bottle of Clouds. I am LOVING the cat/night theme here...definitely my aesthetic!

Overall I think I got more free goodies than I ever thought possible. Thank you EtsyUp and the San Fransisco Etsy Team. Now, enjoy my EtsyUp vlog!

Collecting vs. Minimalism

I'll be honest with you, I've gotten a bit behind with this blog. The 'real world' and blogging for business has taken somewhat of a precedence. Don't get me wrong, this blog is 'for profit' (more in the sponsored-post-reviewing-products sense than the you-pay-me-to-work-for-you sense) but this place has been more of a scrapbook or a journal for me. And I LOVE that about this blog, that's why, though it's mostly just for fun, I'm gonna try my hardest to not forget this place.

That being said, I've got a few videos to post, a few forgotten outfit photos, and those wedding photos (yes, I know I've had my one-year already, they're coming!) to share with you. Today I'm sharing my Collecting vs. Minimalism Update video below. (If you missed it, check out my How I Make Videos video from the week before!)