The Transatlantic Tour

Tuesday, May 3rd I worked the merch table at the DC stop of The Transatlantic Tour. I was nice since the last time I got to see some YouTube musicians live was Playlist Live, and I tend to like the smaller venue shows anyways. The performers were Rusty Clanton, Tessa Violet, Dodie Clark, and Jon Cozart. I had such a great time helping out and getting to see the show (which I may not have otherwise since it was ticket lottery) Working their merch booth brought me back to being the designated merch girl for The Long Holidays, good times. Be sure to check the bottom of this post for the presents I made for the musicians. (hint: they're buttons!)

I decided to make buttons for them since I make buttons all the time anyways. Who knows if they'll ever offer any with their merch in the future (but I'm available!

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