I saw Hamilton!

New York City, April 2016

I got to see Hamilton at the Richard Rogers Theater on April 30th, 2016. I can't begin to explain how amazing the experience was. It was worth the expensive tickets and I am so grateful to get to see (most of) the original cast before it wins the Tony ('cause of course it's gonna win) Full NYC trip post and photos coming soon!

New York City, April 2016 New York City, April 2016 New York City, April 2016 New York City, April 2016 So I made a video of the experience if you'd like to see that but I'll list some of my favorite moments from the show below.
Some of my favorite moments - *SHOW SPOILERS*
  • Mulligan as the flower girl during the 'Helpless'.
  • Eliza beatboxing.
  • The Laurens' father's letter scene.
  • Eliza's scream when Phillip dies.
  • Burr breaking character when he turned around and saw King George dancing during 'The Adams Administration' 
  • King George dancing during ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet'
  • The staging of the duels, the rotating stage, all the amazing choreography, the set, the performances, just the overall experience of being 'in the room where it happens.'
Thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for signing my program and thanks to the whole cast for an unforgettable night.
New York City, April 2016
Oh, also, (super random) Jack Black was there. We saw him get his tickets from will call and did a double take, ha!

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