Recapping the Recaps

Since 2012, I've been posting yearly recaps on this blog. Mostly as a virtual photo album crossed with a journal for myself but I also love reading those posts from bloggers I follow as well. I did not do one for 2015 I realized and it was the year where so much happened. One of my goals for this blog this year is by the summer time I'd like to finally recap last year and get prepared to recap this year as well. In the meantime (and because my birthday is coming up and the passing of time is on my mind) here is a recap of all my previous recaps.

In 2012
  • I sold at my first ever craft fair.
  • I read The Fault in Our Stars 
  • I wrote what is still to this day my most popular post.
  • I turned 26.

In 2013
  • My cousin got engaged.
  • I took a photo every hour for one day each month.
  • My sister left for her 14 month Japan contract at Tokyo Disney.
  • I went to New York City
  • I went to 3 different weddings.
  • I made my first Etsy sale.
  • I turned 27.


In 2014
  • Jim and I got engaged!
  • I went to Japan to visit my sister.
  • Snuck into Comic Con.
  • Jim took me to see CATS for my birthday.
  • Released a new product every month on my Etsy shop.
  • Got thrown an engamgment party.
  • Went to a bridal shower & bachlorette party.
  • Went to 2 weddings.


Last year really deserves, at the least, a This Year I... I don't know if I blogged enough to warent a Blog Recap but we shall see. Let me know what you think in the comments.  

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