Veronica Sawyer (Heathers musical) - BroadwayCon 2016

For the last day of BroadwayCon I decided I was going as Veronica Sawyer from the musical version of the 80s film, Heathers, by Laurence O'Keefe. (He also did the Legally Blond musical.) The costume was mostly a 'fond items' cosplay. Tights and socks were bought. The shirt, shoes, and skirt I had. (that skirt is so old, it's from my first ever cosplay, Raye Hino from Sailor Moon, which was 16 years ago!) The buttons bought and painted and the brooch was made with pens, sticker paper, brooch pin back, and cardboard. Oh, and the necklace is really my glasses, hidden for photos. Super quick, supper fun. (and I met the creator in costume!) My cousin Dianna went as Heather Chandler (perfect for her) and together we had a blast!

Paul Talks & MagicCatJenny | Vlogs with Friends | Paul Roth - video

My friend Paul and I chat about YouTube, getting subscribers, and breaking the 4th wall. I also interrupt him with Hamilton that happens. Enjoy!

BroadwayCon NYC 2016 Cosplay - Day Two - Saturday

12513675_560126000822327_7997986816258303802_o Day two of BroadwayCon started off amazingly. I got to meet actor Anthony Rapp, the origional 'Mark' in RENT. Mark is one of my dream roles (If there ever were a gender-bent production of RENT, heck, I'd even crossdress to play the roll.) I've loved the musical since I was in high school and it really was such a great experience meeting Anthony. He asked me where I was from and I told him California. "So this snow thing is new for you!" he said. That day there was a blizzard that closed the roads and subways(!!)

Breaking the Forth Wall - video

Watch as I explain how to break the forth wall on YouTube...and than proceed to do that very thing. I get a little real and a little uncomfortable (and I almost scrapped all the footage) but the response has been positive so far. I hope to see more YouTubers breaking the forth wall every now and then.

Jemima (Cats) - BroadwayCon 2016

IMG_8104 This costume was a long time coming, I wanted to make a 'proper' Jemima costume for years and with the new BroadwayCon happening, I finally had a real deadline. I sewed the unitard myself after painting the pieces with fabric paint. The shoulder fluffies are frayed organza. The wig is made of kanekalon hot glued onto a wig cap made out of control top pantyhose.  The leg warmers I knitted and the tail is made from yarn that I wrapped together.  The gloves are store bought and painted and the shoes are my old jazz shoes from over 10 years ago. I wore her twice at BroadwayCon and that's it so far. I'm really proud.

Jemima Makeup - BroadwayCon 2016 Saturday

IMG_8081 BroadwayCon Saturday, around 10:15am (after getting a photo with Anthony Rapp!) I ran up to my hotel room and these photos are from moments after finishing the makeup. My line work was not superb and it was a bit rushed, but I'm not too disappointed with it. I also used fake eyelashes which bring some extra to it. (Though my trial makeup might have been a bit better honestly.) I did get loads of compliments on it, so I was satisfied. Click here to see the full costume!

BroadwayCon NYC 2016 - Day One - Friday

BroadwayCon 2016 BroadwayCon officially started on Friday and we were ready for it! We luckily were staying at the same hotel the con was being held in so we did not have to go far but we had to hop outside for a quick Starbucks trip and a photo with the sign.

School of Rock - BroadwayCon 2016 Thursday

IMG_4224 What better way to start off my BroadwayCon blog series than with a 'way hardcore' photo of me hanging out with Alex Brightman of School of Rock at the stage door.

Playbill & Performances Collection - AND A GIVEAWAY!

Video time! Here is my Playbill & Performances Collection and a giveaway at the end. (I also ramble about my love of CATS at the start for a bit, humor me, kthanksbye!)

PreBroadwayCon Jemima Trial

IMG_8018 After finishing my Jemima costume (days before BroadwayCon) I knew I had to try out Jemima makeup since it'd been so long since I'd done it last. (apparently not since the lol cats video back in 2012!)The makeup is a combination of daily wear makeup, oil based, and water based makeup. My goal was fast application, knowing I was going do be doing it in the middle of the morning on the second day of the con. I was very happy with the results! Enjoy the rest of the photos (and a sneak peak at my costume!)