*dusts off the blog*

Hey. So the above is a photo of me I took on January 1st. I was in Denver, Colorado visiting my cousin and her moms and also my Swedish family who were in town to visit as well. Before that I spend about two weeks in California for Christmas. I decided not to blog the whole trip or even keep up with my YouTube channel and to just relax.

Not that I had been really keeping up with blogging much recently as it is. In fact the last 6 months (ever since moving) I've been pretty absent from the internet (relatively) and despite the additional time I seem to be getting less done. My BroadwayCon cosplay prep is partially to blame but so is my mental health. I don't want to get too much into it but it's been rough.

I do want to get back on the proverbial horse as it were. I will post my new years goals (not resolutions, real change takes time) here soon and I do want to be generally more present in social media circles I used to frequent. BroadwayCon is this month so I expect to be back in full force come February. (with a new project, more on that later!) Until then, think of this post as the first of my slow climb back to the world of blogging. I'd love to re-connect with you, how was your new years? Hint: I'd love to hear in a comment ;)

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