Cats WIP - MagicCatJenny vs Cats Costuming Part 2

Jemima - CATS
I'm making a CATS costume again! Oh Everlasting, please let this work! Okay, so the Jemima costume I started and stopped about twice about 5 years ago is getting resurrected yet again. However, I have a real deadline now (Broadway Con in January) so progress is actually being made. I'm doing the Video/London style of the character Jemima, with a bit freestyle as well.

Jemima - CATS Jemima - CATS
I'm making everything; unitard, wig, collar, painting shoes, leg warmers, tail, gloves. So far I've done the collar (from back in 2011), made the tail, *mostly* finished the leg warmers, and started the wig. Jemima - CATS It's my first time using kanekalon and I have not made a wig since the crepe wool Alonzo wig I made RTT back in 2010. So far I've done the side burns and I'm thinking I used too much hair since they are a bit on the heavy side, but I will trim them in the end. Jemima - CATS Here's my most recent update video:

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