Thoughts About Lo-Fi One-Take YouTube

Once upon a time, perhaps two years ago, a trend appeared on YouTube called 'lo-fi week.' From what I remember it was to remind people that you don't need high-end equipment to make videos. When YouTube was new no one was using DSLRs and fancy editing software and creative things were being made all of the time. Since I've been without my 'fancy equipment' this month I thought I'd return to YouTube via my husband's webcam in all its lo-fi one-take glory. I think it's something I want to do every so often, just to remind myself that YouTube was not always this race for visual and auto quality. The actual content is what matters. Below is my return video, thanks for watching! (as I say at least 3 times...not editing is really hard, ha!)

What do you think of lo-fi and/or one-take videos? Should they make a comeback or should they remain in 2006? Tell us in the comments below!