Be Back Soon!

By the time you read this, Jim and I will already be on our way to our honeymoon! We waited because we wanted it to coincide with a wedding of two of our very good friends. They have also asked me to help them film the day since that's what I do, film everything all the time always. I'm so excited to watch them get hitched and also to spend the first real vacation with my new hubby in a place where we can just relax, explore, and not worry about anything but each other. So I will not be posting anything here for at least a week, I won't be uploading YouTube videos, and I won't be worried about posting anything to social media. (Except for Instagram, you will defiantly get Instagram updates because photography.) I might film part of our vacation. (Okay, of course I will, I just don't know how much and I'm hesitant to commit to a 'honeymoon vlog' till I see exactly how much I end up filming.) I'm so excited and I know this means I'm missing out on VidCon, but for the first time since I starting going to that con...I really don't mind. See you next month!

VidCon & BookTubeAThon Updates

It's true, I'm not attending VidCon this year...but I'll be on my honeymoon so who really won? ;) I will also be attempting BookTubeAThon again as well, more so for the fun of it. 

2015 Goals: Revised

Normally I would not do this. Normally I would (and have) simply see how the year went and at the end review what I accomplished and what I did not and move on. However, there has been a change in my life since I first created my 2015 goals, that that is I've moved across the country. So, as it is my blog and it is my right, I am revising my 2015 goals now, as we are more than halfway through the year. Let's do this!

1. Get Married!!!
Staying the same, because duh.

2. Visit the California Science Center Visit the White House.
I've never seen it, not even for school or anything.

3. Visit the MOCA. Visit the National Zoo.
This one is on Jim's list. Animals!

4. Read 25 books.
Staying the same, though I might be a bit behind...due to the getting married and moving across the country thing...

5. Make new Etsy business cards.
Staying the same...and I have yet to do that...hmmmm.

6. Treat my blog more like a business and my YouTube channel less. Have faith in my creativity, do what it takes, work hard, always be myself.
Business or not, I need to stop thinking so hard about not 'selling out' and just work hard no matter what. Work hard but always be honest about it. That's my new goal.

7. Assess what's important to me in life and remove the clutter.
Keeping this one the same.

8. Organize my digital files.
Keeping this one the same.

9. Take a road trip.
Keeping this one the same...and I think it's

10. Honeymoon!!!
OH YEAH...3 more days!!!!!

5 Things I Shouldn't Have Brought with Me on My Cross-Country Move

Let me explain. I am a collector and I just moved across the country in two cars and nothing else. As I was unpacking I found myself wondering how/why I packed some of these, rather unimportant (relatively), items made there way in to the 'must take' piles. Perhaps you can help me decide what to do with them all...

1// Barbie Accessories 
These (mostly shoes) were in a little box that was with other little boxes that all contain random items and jewelry making supplies that I think I just all threw together in a cardboard box labeled 'craft supplies.' I guess I now have to find a craft for them. IMG_7299

2// My Sticker Collection
I've had this collection since I was probably 5 years old, my childhood bestie and I were avid sticker collectors and I recently found out she still has her collection as well. Oh and this is not all of it, this is just the favorites box. (Let me know if you want me to do a video showing all of them off!)
IMG_7295 IMG_7296 IMG_7294

3// This Harry Potter article from a 2001 newspaper
I'm sure at the time I was saving it because of the great 'Inside Hogwarts' bit and the 'Quidditch Explained' part. Think this would do well on eBay? I'm not sure how much I personally need to save it anymore.
IMG_7290 IMG_7291 IMG_7292 IMG_7293

4// My Disney Pin Traders Pins
Ok, so I actually have a reason I brought all of my pins. That reason is I am planning to do a video on them soon. The one time I showed off some pins in a YouTube video it got more than the average views that my videos get. So it's smart to make a full collection video...also, I'm proud of them...and I miss Disneyland. *sniffle*

5// My Drum Key
Yeah, I haven't played the drums since this one's a mystery. I found it in one of those random craft supplies boxes...still not sure what to do with it.

Mrs. Potts | Disneybound Lookbook #4

I miss Disneyland so much...this is from spring when I did a Mrs. Potts Disneybound. I forgot I had filmed the footage but I found it. I might also have one more DisneyBound from before I moved that I still need to edit as well...I'll wait till the next time I'm homesick for the parks. For this Disneybound I was inspired by the earrings I've had since I was very little. (Probably bought for me when the movie came out...though I did not get my ears pierced till long after.)

More Disneybound Lookbooks:  // 1 // 2 // 3 //

See me at Disneyland in my Disneybounds on my Instagram

Pizza Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hair Bows

New in the shop today!!! I'm so excited to finally release these hair bows! I had the idea for them ages ago when I made my friend Kristen a pizza hair bow. The addition of the colored band made it instantly more geeky and awesome. So are you a Leo, a Donnie, a Raph, or a Mikey? (I'm probably a Donnie.) Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think! If you want one of your own I currently have two of each here in my shop!
IMG_7269 IMG_7273 IMG_7280 IMG_7288

Reached by Ally Condie | Book Review

I really liked Reached by Ally Condie much better than Crossed. Below is my video review, I hope you enjoy and subscribe for more videos, thanks for watching!
Here's my book review of Crossed.
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Happy Birthday HUSBAND!

Jim! It's your birthday! You are 29, the final year of your 20s, and for the first time ever you have a wife! I love this tradition I started two years ago of dedicating a blog post to you on your birthday. I lope you like it as well. You deserve it, and so much more. I know you sometimes feel guilty for dragging me all the way out to Maryland so you could pursue your science, but you really don't need to feel that way. I love you and I want you to succeed. Let's travel the world and have all sorts of adventures! Don't ever doubt how much I love you. <3

Your wife

P.S. It's fun to see what I wrote in past years, check it out:  28th Birthday | 27th Birthday

New Bookshelf Tour!

There's a lot less here than in my last bookshelf tour. See just how much less in the video below. *sniffle* I'm okay, there's still a lot of TBR books here so I'll be okay...

Feminist Button Pack

I've been button making again! I've been meaning to make a 'Consent is Necessary' button for some time now. It's not just a message I strongly believe in, it's a basic human right. If you want one, I've listed them as part of a Feminist Button Pack in my Etsy shop! They are perfect for pinning on your backpack, vest, bag, collar, or anywhere the patriarchy will see. Here are some Q&As regarding them:

How much for all 4?
Only $5, that's a dollar less than buying them all individually.

Can I buy just the 'Consent is Necessary' button?
If the packs do well then I'll list it on it's own, for now it's a package deal.

How is 'Teen Witch' a feminist slogan?
It's not really, but it's pretty rad. ;D

When will you make a button that says ____?
I take most requests and if it's something that fits in my shop, it'll be a normal product!

I wanna follow your shop on social media!
Of course you do, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (and Tumblr sometimes)

One more time, where can I get this button pack?
Here----> Nerdy Monsters

IMG_7303 IMG_7304

Once a Month for a Year

Inspired and encouraged by weirdsoundingvoice, I decided to film myself answering the same 18 questions every month for all of 2014. I’ve finally gotten the chance to look over all of the footage and here is a glimpse of the project.

Childhood Bookshelf Tour

Here is my childhood bookshelf tour, as a kid I always had a passion for reading and writing. In high school and college I focused on filmmaking more, but now that I've been reading more I wanted to visit those books that first got me into reading. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss my new bookshelf tour that is coming soon. If you can't wait, here is my old bookshelf tour (from before I moved) and here is another video with more of my childhood books! Thanks for watching!