Wedding Rehearsal

This was when things started feeling real. We met the judge who married us, everyone (for the most part) got together. We all had a very nice fancy dinner full of many many tear-filled toasts. It was all very overwhelming and truly amazing. Seeing our families together was just so beautiful and made me so happy and I have to stop now before I start crying over my laptop. Enjoy these photos of the day. The real photos are coming soon.

The bridal party (minus my sister who was at work preparing for Disneyland's 60th) IMG_7171 IMG_7173 IMG_7176

My rehearsal bouquet made from the bows from my bridal showers. IMG_7158

The presents I gave my bridesmaids. They each got a paper flower bouquet made from the craft we did at the Long Beach bridal shower, a leaf necklace which we all wore in the wedding, and they each got a unique gift that was just for them. IMG_7154

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