It's Hip to be Square

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Outfit Details
Sweater // thrifted
Leggings // Target
Boots // hand me down
Necklace // handmade by Jim's little sister Julianne
Ring // The Getty Museum (Photography section)
Glasses // Zenni Optical

So this is how I dress to work every day, basically. I'm not the coolest kid and I clearly dress for comfort. I don't really know why it is but I only ever like to get dressed up during the weekends or if there's a particularly fun thing happening after work that day. I guess I emit this because during our department gift exchange I got a blanket. A comfortable, I'm defiantly curing up on the couch watching Netflix, blanket. I guess it's just funny how different weekday Jenny and weekend Jenny are. I wonder what my life would be like if I was self employed. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my quadrilateral primary colors outfit pared with the squarest of my glasses. Perhaps I'll get a little fancier for my next OOTD, we'll see.

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