SoCal Cats Fan Meetup 2

For the second SoCal Cats fan meetupKatieEgle, and I went to a birthday party for Egle's little cousin. We dressed as pirate cats and painted faces. Then we took the pirate gear off and had a huge photoshoot at the park. I was Bombalurina (borrowing Katie's costume), Katie was Pouncival, and Egal was Victoria. It was such a fun day! Enjoy the many many photos!
IMG_6625 IMG_6633 IMG_6635 IMG_6641IMG_6643 IMG_6651 IMG_6653 IMG_6657 IMG_6665 IMG_6686 IMG_6694 IMG_6756 IMG_6757 IMG_6759 IMG_6763

There is a large album here if you want to see all our outtakes!

Here's a video of the first and second SoCal Cats fan meetups!!

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