SoCal Cats Fan Meetup 1

IMG_5878 Remember the makeup post I made last week where I said there was more to the story then me in public with Cats makeup on? Well it was for a fan meetup! My costumes were pretty old so I didn't dress up all the way, but my friends did!
IMG_5867 I remember getting ready in this hotel room and meeting these people for the first time after being friends online for years. It was a very weird but also very amazing experience. We used to do these Cats makeup video chats (long before Skype) so it did not really feel like a 'first' meeting. Katie is Bombalurina, Egle is Mr. Mistoffelees, Valerie is Victoria, Peter is The Rum Tum Tugger, and I'm in Jemima makeup.
IMG_5874 We ended up planning our meetup the on Memorial Day weekend at the Hermosa Beach Pier where a Fiesta was going on. Oh boy did we get some strange strange looks. IMG_5899 We decided to head to the park quickly afterwords for more photos and fun (and away from drunk creeps on the pier.) IMG_5908 IMG_5902 
IMG_5904 IMG_5905
I have video of the event but it's combined with the second meetup we did, so you'll just have to wait. IMG_5876 
IMG_5880 Oh yeah, and we wound up in the newspaper...odd. Overall it was a great day, I miss my Jellicle friends! Thanks so much for reading! Meow! More photos HERE!29518_454822068331_641303331_6064602_7787125_n

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