Blogger Blues (& Goals to Fix It)

Photo an hour >> May 28th

Somethings been bothering me lately and that's the fact I've not really been blogging the past couple of months. Sure I've been posting, but I don't have that true blogging feeling. If you're a blogger you know what I mean, that productive confident feeling you have when you're in that good blogging groove. 

I know why this is. Time. Ever since my company was bought by Disney things have gotten extremely busy for me at work. I'm grateful for everything that's come from it (especially my Silver Pass to the parks and the various other perks that come with being a cast member) but it's also brought on a lot of extra projects and work. So much so, that when I get home in the evenings, I'm too tired to blog. That seems like a silly excuse but when you add that to my weekends being filled with wedding planning, keeping my Etsy shop alive, exercising at the pool when I can, keeping my YouTube channel active (and Disney trips, no real excuse for that one) my blog has made it's way to the bottom of my hobby list.

I'm not a full time blogger. If I was, I would be spending those 9 hours a day working it. I'm lucky if I have 10 minutes in the morning to prepare a photo post. (Which is why I'm spending my lunch break at work writing this.) I hate it, really, I miss working on this blog. So I have some blog post goals to complete before the new year. They are modest at best, but I need to keep things basic to be truly ready for the new year. I'm not giving up.

Posts to make before 2015
  • The last 6 Japan posts.
  • More wedding planning posts as they happen.
  • Get up to date on all my makeup posts. (13 more CATS faces from the past + whatever I do from now and on)
  • This Year I... (about my life)
  • A Year in Review - 2014 (about the blog)

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