100 Letters Halfway Update

It's been 2 years since I started my 100 Letters project, and I admit I forgot about it for a while. There are a few friends who will still send me letters, but I'm only now halfway through the project. That's right, the next person to send me a '100 Letters' letter will receive letter number 50. (In fact, it will be written on that very penguin sheet in the photo above.) Since starting 100 Letters I've joined the IGGPPC and have gotten 2 pen pals. I never considered them part of the '100 Letters' project though. So I've sent more than 49 letters since this started. I'd like to challenge myself to finish this project within the next year. So if you'd like to be a part, watch this video to find out how. (I won't let anyone send me letters because of safety and such, but if you're a YouTuber or part of the IGGPPC then you have a good chance.)

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