IndieGiftBox Instagram Contest Prize Box Unboxing

Since I won the IndieGiftBox Instagram contest for May, I was sent this awesome prize box! Here's what was inside ( TL;DR there is a video of me unboxing this and June's box at the bottom of this post)

The first item were these cute wooden heart earring from Abby J Studio. I've been wearing a lot of studs lately so these are perfect!

Next is this mineral powder blush from Simplicity Cosmetics. It's sort of brown/pink, very rustic.

Then I opened this eyeglass microfiber cloth. I wear glasses but I could probably also use it on my camera lenses.

Finally there was this adorable wooden bird brooch from Hexagon Inc. I think this was my favorite thing from the entire box.

Thank you IndieGiftBox, for this lovely present!
Now here's a video of me opening the June box and this box, enjoy!

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