Comic Con Cosplay

This year I was at Comic Con for a very short amount of time, but in that brief visit I managed to see some great cosplay. I 'cosplayed' as a soft grunge Tumblr teenager, because flower crowns and Simba crop tops. It really made me miss the years I'd go and do the cosplay thing full out. Maybe I';; have to do it again one day... Here's what cosplay Comic Con was full of this year:

A familiar Link.

Mermaid Man!

 The Sansa and Arya Stark! (So freaking cute!)

You can call me queen.

Princess Tiana and Pocahontas!

Oh yeah, did I mention, I hung out with America Chavez. ;)

Since you're already calling me queen, you might as well call me captain too.

HOBBIT KNITTING KIT (Ok, not really cosplay, but asdfghjkl;!)

 Team Zissou represent!


Oh yeah, I was collecting John Snows.

Last but not least, bear family photo.

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