In Defense of the Selfie

Here's a great selfie I took. Seriously, I'm super proud of it. YouTuber skywriter11 made a great video a bit ago on why she is a supporter of the 'selfie' and #selfieculture. She says it best so all I'll say in addition is don't feel guilty for sharing the awesomeness that is you. Your Instagram or other social media platform you post your selfies on, is yours. If someone's selfies bother you, unfollow them. I support selfies, self portraits, selfie culture. True, there is a time and a place for taking a selfie and not everyone does so respectfully. Also, there might be a personal limit to the amount of selfies posted daily from the same person that one can take. Use your best judgment, and watch skywriter11's video below if you are still not convinced.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about #selfieculture. (Also, I took a selfie a day for year once.)

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