DFTBA Embroidered Hoop Art

DFTBA Embroidered Hoop Art
DFTBA Embroidered Hoop Art
Hey Nerdfighters, here's something for you. My latest item in my Nerdy Monsters Etsy shop is this DFTBA Embroidered Hoop Art. Check it out! Only one available right now.

Here's a sneaky WIP shot for some old designs to be available in the shop soon...
Can you guess what kind of product will be released in June? Make your guess via the Nerdy Monster Twitter or Facebook!

Tokyo Disney Haul & Pin Trading video

I hope you enjoy this video, I got some pretty neat stuff during my trip to both parks. If any of you are pin traders, let me know! I'm sort of getting into the world of it a bit...maybe, I don't know. Thank you for watching! 
Here's another Disney video: http://youtu.be/WrR9VwVOkEw 
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90s Hanson Necklace

IMG_5677_1 IMG_5671_1 IMG_5678_1

 Outfit Details
Shirt // J.C. Penny
Pants // Hot Topic
Necklace // PIXIEandPIXIER
Earrings // Plastique*
Glasses // Zenni Optical
Flats // H&M
Nail Polish // Gothic Gala Lacquer

Sparkle & Shine - IndieGiftBox Unboxing

I've always wanted to try one of those subscription box things but none seemed quite right for me, then I found IndieGiftBox. They are a monthly subscription service that delivers handmade products instead of big name brands. Perfect! Great value and no commitment (I bought one box, rather than a subscription), what's not to love? Here's my 'unboxing' of the May "Sparkle & Shine" box!

 Wrapped in turquoise and sparkles, the box arrived on my doorstep. I avoided looking at the product list at first (didn't want any spoilers!) You're about to get all the spoilers so if you'd rather be surprised, head over and get your box!

My favorite thing in the haul was these turquoise diamond shaped studs from Plastique. They are so cute, I've been wearing them with everything!

Next was this pretty sparkly nail polish from Gothic Gala Lacquer. It's a bit sheer so I needed two coats, but I bet it'd be really cool layered over a similar color.

This lip tint from Tulips Apothecary says it's 'POPS champagne' scented. I guess that means coke-a-cola, cause that's all I smell. Reminds me of summers as a tween in the 90s.

Okay, so I thought these were earrings at first, haha! They're wine charms from Purely Paige. Very cute and keeping up with the turquoise theme. Now I just need some stemmed wine glasses...

Last but not least was the mystery contributor. It turned out to be two nice bracelets from Duchessa. They are very pretty and look nice worn together.
If you like what you saw you can reserve yours NOW by subscribing on a monthly, 3-month, 6-month or annual basis. For those who opt not to subscribe, you can grab yourself one of these shimmering beauties on a first-come. (I might just be doing that again...hehe) Check out the details below.
Featured artists and makers:
The 411:
  • Release date at time: May 12, 2014 at 8:00am PST
  • Boxes available: 75 Boxes
  • Price: $25 per box + s&h
  • New reduced shipping rates: $5 to the United States, $12 to Canada and $20 to all other international destinations.
Shipping info: Boxes will be shipped within 3 days of receiving your order (whichever comes last) and will be sent via USPS First Class Mail. Get your box!
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Found Favorites #17

Today I've got some cool finds, including this pretty sweet giveaway my sponsor, Sarah of Cephalopod Syndrome, is hosting. I haven't seen Godzilla yet but this concept art poster is so cool, it's making me want to.
(via. Cephalopod Syndrome)

Oh hello there blog post about YouTube on IGGPPC. Were you written by me? I think you were. I'm very excited to start this new IggleTube series and if you like YouTube, then you should be too!

This sale!! I need to get a dress for my cousin's wedding so I might just have to take advantage of this. Her wedding is Sleeping Beauty and 50s themed...somehow I think Modcloth is perfect for this!

I was recently a guest in the Female Geek Bloggers Con-At-Home Hangout #5: Nerdcrafting. It was so fun and I met some other awesome geek crafters!

 On that note, you totally need to check out Kelsey and Melissa's Etsy shops; April Sparkles and Melissas Cute Crochet. They are both great!

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Shilo (Repo! The Genetic Opera) - Halloween 2010

In Halloween of 2010 I had three costumes. Hermione for work, Eevee for a party, and Shilo for chaperoning trick-or-treaters. (I was Shilo in the final scene, for those of you who have seen the film.) I love Shilo, she's my favorite character from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera. (The second being The Graverobber, obviously.) Repo! is one of my favorite bad-good movies and for a low budget horror musical, the songs are actually pretty great. Like usual, no one knew who I was dressed up as, but I did and I had fun. 
Shilo Shilo Shilo Shilo

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

My little sister Amy is 25 today! I love her so much. Even though we don't always agree on everything and don't see each other that much anymore, she is so important to me. I hope this year brings her everything she is dreaming for. She deserves it all. <3

Aquaman Brooch

IMG_5361_1 Ok, so I bought this Aquaman and Mera brooch from Nerd Burger recently and I've just been so obsessed with it I knew I had to feature it in an outfit post. I wore it with a cute simple dress, a white cardigan and my usual black tights and combat boots.
IMG_5353 IMG_5349 IMG_5359

Outfit Details
Dress // Target
  Cardigan // Forever 21
  Brooch // Nerd Burger
Leggings // Target
Boots // Steve Madden 

Disney Resorts Around the World


My video finally exported! I wanted this to go up last week but my computer just was not having it. Thankfully, this morning it cooperated, so here you go!

Disney Sea - Japan 2014 - Day 1

Disney Sea! I made a great video talking about Disney Sea (and Tokyo Disneyland, and Pris Disneyland, etc.) but due to an out dated computer and even more outdated editing system, the video won't export so I'm not sure when (if ever) the video will be done. Tat being said, I have many many many photos from Disney Sea to share with you. As part of my Japan trip series I'll just be showing you a few to give you a brief overview of our day. (I might share more later.)

So our very first day in Japan was arriving late in the evening. We met up with my sister who was living there at the time on a contract with Tokyo Disney/Disney Sea (She works with the characters.) So there's not much to report on that day. Our first real day was spent at Disney Sea, Tokyo Disney's second park. We loved it there! I'll admit it was a bit odd, spending our first day in a foreign country at a theme park, but it was also a nice introductory to my sister's lifestyle and a way to ease into the culture through something familiar. I'll leave you with our photos. If you have any questions about specifics, ask in the comments and I'll elaborate.
IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4725 IMG_4733 IMG_4740 IMG_4744 IMG_4789 IMG_4803 IMG_4811 IMG_4817