Feminist Collar Clips

Oh the woes of pointing out problematic things when people are just trying to have a good time. Such a killjoy you are for explaining consent at the dinner table. Don't hide your head in shame, your love of equality is not something to keep to yourself. Tell the world with these super cute collar clips, so your friends won't be surprised when you start talking about pronouns and Smurfettes.

In all seriousness, 'feminist' is not a dirty word. If you agree, these pins are for you. They are this month's new Nerdy Monster item (just in time, wow) and there is a limited amount available on my Etsy shop. I'm designing some other (not all feminist related) collar clips and I am open for commissions if you have a custom design in mind.

Can you guess what kind of product will be released in May? Make your guess via the Nerdy Monster Twitter or Facebook!

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