Wedding Ideas - Modcloth Style

I just received an email from Modcloth that made me feel as if they had just read my blog. I doubt anyone at Modcloth reads my blog but the email was still pretty weird timing-wise. (Ok, so I guess getting engaged in February and then seeing wedding related things everywhere is not really that weird.) Still, check this out: 

Did you get engaged over Valentine's Day?  Like a week before actually. Congratulations! Thank you Modcloth! You simply have to go take a look at the unique wedding styles available at ModCloth. They have everything from fun wedding accessories and white dresses to something blue, the choices are endless. Check out some of my favorites: Oh ok, thanks for the recommendations. (Yes I know this is really a sample blog post they've sent me, but their recommendations are not bad.)

1. Intricately Exquisite Tights
- perfect for that bachelorette party
2. Wrapped in Romance Hair Chain
- a dazzler for the rehearsal dinner
3. Aisle Be There Dress in Lily - vintage inspired GORGEOUS!
4. Sparkle an Interest Heel - beautiful, sparkly and affordable!

Let me know what your favorites are and don't forget to check out the ModCloth wedding style book for other cute ideas! Cool beans Modcloth, I'm Pintresting a few of them right now (Pintresting? Pinning? Whatever.)

Anyways, I decided to start browsing Modcloth's wedding sections and came up with my own favorite four. All my own opinions! Here you go:

1. Gilded Grace Dress - I love this dress! I doubt I'll go the strapless puffy ballgown rout.
2. Market Meandering Flat - Cute alternative to heels.
3. Darling Please Dress In Jade - Not a bad bridesmaid dress idea...
4. Now That You Mansion It Cake Stand - Don't you mean 'pie' stand? ;)

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