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 Hi everyone!  This is Danielle from A Writer in Love, and I'm so excited to be visiting Jenny's blog today.

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, and I enjoy posting about the places I go, the products I enjoy, and the memories I make with friends.  Something else that I love to post about: my outfits.

I think my love for outfit posts stemmed from enjoying them on other blogs.  I think outfit posts are a great way for bloggers to showcase their personal style (and, in some cases, to boast about the cool new items they bought / received. It's alright to brag sometimes, right?).  I enjoy reading the blogs I read because I get to learn about some amazing people.  Outfit posts are just another way to say "this is me!" to your readers.
Jenny asked me to share a few tips for taking outfit photos.  First and foremost, I recommend taking photos in natural light.  Your skin will look gorgeous and glowy (hooray!).  Everything will be well-lit. Try to avoid noon-time, where the sun may be harsh and wash you out.  

If you can't make it outside, try to find a well-lit area with a neutral background (you don't want your dress to clash with your wallpaper!).  

Oh, and if you're nervous to go outside because you don't want someone to see you... don't be!  You look fabulous.  If someone sees you mugging for the camera - lucky them ;-)

If you happen to have a tripod for your camera, these are some kinds of photos you can take by yourself:
The full-body shot.  Show off your whole outfit!  Readers of fashion blogs generally want to know the head-to-toe details, so don't disappoint! Hand-on-hip pose is totally necessary, in my opinion...
Artsy "I'm looking everywhere but the camera" shot.
Sometimes you just need to gracefully look down at the ground so everyone can admire your weird hair part.
(Not going to lie, this ended up being one of my favorite photos from the day.)
Hair in motion!  Totally glam.  Also, showing off the outfit from another angle allows you to show off any other details you may not see from the front full-body shot.

If you're using a remote for your camera's timer, you can toss it out of frame or try to conceal it in your hand.  Or hey, you can also just say "who cares" and have it in the shot.  I understand.</ div>
It's not impossible to take detail shots with a tripod, but it's easier to ask a friend.  I'm lucky to have both a sister and mother who don't mind indulging me and helping me out with my outfit posts.  Try to highlight the little things that make an accessory or a piece of jewelry unique.  I love the raised detail on this clutch!

If there's a story behind a piece of clothing or an accessory, share it!  I won this particular clutch in a blog giveaway - and then I didn't receive it for months.  I had given up hope, until one day a battered package showed up at my door.  The clutch came all the way from Israel - and it got lost along the way!  

Finally, my last bit of advice is simple: have fun!

It's tempting to only want to show the "perfect" shots in an outfit post.  It's easy to feel intimidated by other bloggers who have professional quality shots, or generally seem like they have these fairytale-perfect lives. But really, your readers are on your blog because they enjoy you.  Don't give them an airbrushed version of yourself.  You're better than that.
How do you feel about outfit posts on blogs?  What do you like to see in an outfit post?  Do you have any tips of your own to share? deserve

Thanks for having me, Jenny! 

Thank you for sharing your experience with outfit posts and photos! I'm defiantly getting more used to the trope. I'd never thought of just tossing the remote aside before the camera snaps, great tip! What do you guys think, ready to try some outfit posts? Don't forget to check out Danielle's blog over at A Writer in Love!

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