5 Quick Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

So you've decided to start a YouTube channel. Whooo! I'm so excited for you! Let me give you a little help with 5 useful tips that I really wish someone had told me back when I was starting out.

1. Collaborate. Find YouTube friends who have the same amount of subscribers as you and see if they want to make a video together. You don't have to even live in the same city to make a it happen. Just write a script, shoot your part, send it to them, and vice versa. I've made some videos with friends this way and clear and frequent communication is key. The best way to make the most of a collab is to create two videos (one for your channel and one for theirs), link each other in the video description, and share both videos across social media sites. Their audience meets you and your audience meets them, therefor increasing both of your audiences as a result.

2. Production value. Not the most important thing but will defiantly help your videos look better. You can do this on any budget. If you don't have a professional lighting set up, shoot in front of a window during the day. Can't buy an external mic, shoot indoors when no one else is around/the dishwasher is not running/etc. You can always work your way up to getting more gear, but till then you can still find ways to improve.

3. Spend time on metadata. Did you know that the top three lines in your video's description are the most important? (It's what's above the fold!) Did you know your video's tags are for more things than your own organization? The 'title' 'description' 'tags' and 'category' for your video are very important. Do not ignore or under use these features of YouTube. (Trust me, this stuff is what I do for my day job!)

4. Be dedicated. If you want to be a YouTuber than be a YouTuber. Don't post your first video and abandon the site for months. If you want your subscribers to keep coming back and watching your videos you have to keep making videos. Sure, taking breaks is okay and even important, but be there more than your not there. Weekly videos seems to be the best for people starting out who want to gain a following. It's what I try to am for.

5.  Fame or Fun? Take a step back and ask yourself why you are making videos for YouTube. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get your videos out there to as many people as possible. There's also nothing wrong with wanting to one day be a full time YouTuber. However a problem arises when you are no longer enjoying the process. If the fame and fortune sound great but the actual video making, and video watching, and commenting, and participating in the community sound awful then maybe you need another 'get rich quick scheme'. Trust me, becoming 'YouTube famous' is not a quick or likely thing. Basically if you can't see yourself making YouTube videos purely for the fun of it, then you might want to reevaluate your motives.

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