Found Favorites #15

I love this sweater representing my home town. Cali girl 5ever! (However, how exactly does one wear a crop top sweater what age does it cease to be socially acceptable?)
(via. Love Junkee)

I need more coffee mugs in my life, I don't care if I run out of places to put them.
(via. Silver Lining Ceramics)

One of my favorite YouTubers, Lauren Fairweather, made this great video about her first experiences selling her plushies at craft fairs.
(via. Lauren Fairweather)

This post by Scathingly Brilliant is inspiring me to maybe get a crock pot. There's nothing wrong with eating the same dinner multiple times in a week but experimenting with recepies is something I'd like to try out more this year.

I just entered xo mia 'Oh So Kawaii' Giveaway on her blog and you should too! So much cute stuff!

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