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It's 9 days into the new year and I have yet to start one super easy goal. Doodling, drawing, sketching, etc. I just want to take look at past drawings and hopefully inspire myself to get back into this stress relieving hobby. The above drawing is called 'Ike recording' and I drew it in 2003. It's Ike Hanson, of course, and it's not really a 'doodle'.

THIS is more of a doodle:
It's the Guild of Good! This is some early concept art for a short film I made in 2008, The Adventures of Merman and Josie. The super heroes are (from left) Back row: Merman, Mrs. Mist, Billdozer, Champ Wilson, Busta' Crimes, Detective Mystery, and Naked Man
Front row: Captain Karate, and Golden Boy (In the actual film Detective Mystery was cut.)

And now something really good:

This is one of my favorite drawings I've ever done. If you don't know who it is, you were probally not a teenager in the late 90s like me. So...yeah.

Anyways, the doodles I've been working on this past summer (and will continue to work on soon!) are not as polished as the silliness of the Guild of Good and no where near the beauty of my Hanson drawings. (If you want to see more...there's more) I'm still warming up. I hope you'll stick with me as I premere my doodle project in the upcoming months!

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