+5 Charisma - Are You Ready to Start a YouTube Channel?

I am the official YouTube blogger over at GeekGirlPenPals.com! The first Saturday of every month I'll be posting on their blog affectionately know as +5 Charisma What I've been thinking of doing is on the Friday before, posting an accompanying post here. How does that sound faithful readers? Tomorrow's post (spoiler alert) will be about how to know if you're ready to start your own YouTube channel. (Hint, age does not matter unless your under 13) So next time I'm going to post some tips for first time YouTubers both on +5 Charisma and MagicCatJenny, 5 tips there, 5 tips here.

I'm about to leave on vacation so there will only be three posts here in the next two weeks. All three are guest posts and are so so great, so be sure you're following me on Bloglovin so you don't miss 'em! And don't forget to head on over to +5 Charisma on GeekGirlPenPals.com tomorrow to see my latest post. Thank you so much for reading, sayōnara さようなら

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