4 Simple Goals *before 2014: Results!

One of my favorite lifestyle blogs, A Beautiful Mess, did their 4 Simple Goals tag again a the end of the year. Seeing as it's 2014, lets see how I did! You can read my first post about this here and read my progress post here.
(Image credit: Rikard Fröberg)
1. Buy a succulent. I got one! It was a gift from my dad for Christmas. He got one for my mom as well. He picked out the planter and planted and arranged the succulents. It was so perfect!

2. Inbox zero. I kept getting really close to this, but then Project For Awesome happened and my inbox exploded. (I have a short clip of John Green mentioning my channel in my 2013 Recap video!) I'd like this to happen before the end of the month though.

3. Complete one more 2013 Goal. Done! I'll post about them next week. ;)

4. Rethink my shoes. So, I wore flats to New Years. I really can't wear heels anymore. I got a pair of nice Steve Madden boots from Jim for Christmas and I've been wearing them almost every day. I'm going to count this goal as completed. My foot is not fixed yet, but I'm taking care it it.

Three out of four, not bad. And the reason for the failed goal is actually an achievement, so I'm very satisfied with '4 Simple Goals' this year.
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