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I am the official YouTube blogger over at GeekGirlPenPals.com! The first Saturday of every month I'll be posting on their blog affectionately know as +5 Charisma What I've been thinking of doing is on the Friday before, posting an accompanying post here. How does that sound faithful readers? Tomorrow's post (spoiler alert) will be about how to know if you're ready to start your own YouTube channel. (Hint, age does not matter unless your under 13) So next time I'm going to post some tips for first time YouTubers both on +5 Charisma and MagicCatJenny, 5 tips there, 5 tips here.

I'm about to leave on vacation so there will only be three posts here in the next two weeks. All three are guest posts and are so so great, so be sure you're following me on Bloglovin so you don't miss 'em! And don't forget to head on over to +5 Charisma on GeekGirlPenPals.com tomorrow to see my latest post. Thank you so much for reading, sayōnara さようなら

Death (The Sandman) - Comic Con 2008

One of my favorite costumes I wore for Comic Con 2008 was Death from Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series, The Sand Man. Is is one of The Endless along with Delirium who I have cosplayed as well. I made the ankh necklace myself and the rest was found at various thrift shops and costume shops. This costume was so fun to wear and I felt so comfortable in it!
Death Death 
Death likes salads.
 Death Death Death 
Death and Aquaman contemplating something. Death Death Death 
You can't kill Death, Joker. Death

The Gray Cat

Gray Cat 
Back when I was a regular member of the CCDB (Cats Costuming Discussion Board) I would occasionally take part in their monthly makeup challenges. This theme was try out another member's OC design. (OC stands for original character).  The member, KCR had a character called 'Gray Cat' and I gave it shot. Here he is with his original design.
Gray Cat Gray Cat

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere

Belle I'm so excited to finally get to post these photos! I like to think of this as a hidden outfit post from last year. Way back in early 2013 I got to be Belle for a photoshoot. My cousin Dianna is an aspiring makeup artist and she needed some photos for her portfolio. Her friend, Heather, is an aspiring photographer needed the same thing. We deiced to do a Disney themed photoshoot and I got to pick whoever I wanted to be. So I chose my favorite Disney princess, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So I bought this perfect dress from Modcloth and Dianna did my hair and makeup. Here are my favorite shots from the day!
Belle Belle Belle

Found Favorites #15

I love this sweater representing my home town. Cali girl 5ever! (However, how exactly does one wear a crop top sweater exactly...at what age does it cease to be socially acceptable?)
(via. Love Junkee)

I need more coffee mugs in my life, I don't care if I run out of places to put them.
(via. Silver Lining Ceramics)

One of my favorite YouTubers, Lauren Fairweather, made this great video about her first experiences selling her plushies at craft fairs.
(via. Lauren Fairweather)

This post by Scathingly Brilliant is inspiring me to maybe get a crock pot. There's nothing wrong with eating the same dinner multiple times in a week but experimenting with recepies is something I'd like to try out more this year.

I just entered xo mia 'Oh So Kawaii' Giveaway on her blog and you should too! So much cute stuff!

Video/London Electra

Video/London Electra 
A quick and easy Electra makeup done in 2009. The tan base is Ben Nye, the white is Halloween cream tubes, and the brown is Revlon foundation. I remember that this was the first time I did CATS makeup in my post-college adult life. My roommate of the time was very interested and thought it was such a unique hobby. That was not always the case with future roommates but for that year I felt comfortable 'being a cat' at home.
Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra Video/London Electra


Hey everyone!
Today I am updating my blog design just a bit so please excuse the dust. :)
If you're here and it looks totally different, let me know what you think!

Vintage Earrings - Nerdy Monsters' January Item

As part of my 2014 Goals, I am releasing a new item in my Etsy shop each month. This month I'm kicking things off with some fancy vintage earrings my mom made in the early 90s. (Technically the 90s is now vintage!) I've listed five pairs but I have tons more if these get bought. I think there might be a few other contributions from my mom to Nerdy Monsters before the end of the year. :)

Perhaps in February or March I'll hold a small contest to see if anyone can guess the upcoming month's product. If I do, I'll give hints in the shop newsletter. If you missed January's, be sure to sign up so you get February's!

Any guesses for what the upcoming months will yield? Any requests?

Break Gender Roles - Embroidered Hoop Art

Break Gender Roles
This past weekend I gave my friend Lauren this embroidered hoop wall art during our annual post-Christmas secret Santa party in San Diego. She has a banner in her apartment that says: 'Feminist Kill Joy' so I thought 'Break Gender Roles' would go along with it quite nicely. :)
Break Gender Roles Break Gender Roles 
I still have not made any of these to sell yet, but based on the response it got I'm sure I should. Perhaps it will be one of my new products I release this year. (One a month!) Be sure you're following my Etsy shop and the Nerdy Monsters Facebook page for updates! Also, people subscribed to the newsletter hear everything first! 
Break Gender Roles 
Check out a cute photo of Lauren and I with her present in my new Customer Gallery!
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CATS Sweater

CATS Sweater
The perfect way to start off a new goal of non-cosplay outfit posts is by easing into it, with my CATS sweatshirt. It was gift from two of my high school theater friends. Anyone who knew me back when I did theater in high school knew how big of a CATS fan I was. I always chose the songs/poems for auditions and coffee nights (open mic nights). I think it was shortly after high school graduation, Paige and Laura, found the sweatshirt at a thrift shop and bought it for me. Those girls, I love 'em!
  CATS Sweater CATS Sweater
I'll be honest, taking outfit photos felt really weird. I was alone (for the most part) and had a timer for my camera. I think I just need more practice to really get used to it. Perhaps one day I'll be able to convince Jim to take outfit photos for me...but I'm not going to rely on that. As weird as it was I really did have fun trying it out! CATS Sweater CATS Sweater
You're going to see these boots in most if not all of my outfit photos. They are amazing!

Outfit Details
Sweater // Thrifted (gift)
Shirt // Thrifted, orginally from Forever 21
Tights // Forever 21
Boots // Steve Madden
Glasses // Zenni Optical
Jewelry // Jewelmint


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