Thankvember: My Boyfriend

(Jim working in the field, his gun is to defend himself in case of bears, not for hunting.)
It's the third week of Thankvember and, of course, I am thankful for my boyfriend, my life buddy, my partner in crime. How do you talk about your significant other without sounding cheesy and sappy? How do you convey your love in way that is honest and original? I don't know, but I do know that I am very thankful for having him in my life.
We've been together roughly eight years so far. We've made it through college and most of our 20s by each other's side. We've gone through so much together and yet we're still going strong. Love it like that, it doesn't give up.
Jim is such an amazing intelligent person. He has a PhD and is always trying to learn more about the world. He teaches me so much and together our combined thirst for learning and exploring has brought us on some pretty awesome adventures.
He's musical as well. He is a song writer and also the lead singer of a band he founded. I've always been a sucker for musicians and I'd be lying if I told you that wasn't the first thing that attracted me to him. He's more talented than he realizes sometimes.
Jim is just so great! What do you expect me to say? He's my favorite! He's honest and kind. He's a great big brother to all his brothers and sisters. (He's the oldest of 5!) We have that in common, both 'first-born's. He's respectful and empathetic. He really is just a good person.
 What can I say? I'm in love. I've found my life buddy. He's wonderful and together we are unstoppable! Sorry I'm not sorry, but I lucked out.
Regardless if you've found your other or not, I hope you have a happy November!
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