Thankvember: Family

Happy Thanksgiving! Since this is my last Thankvember post I am dedicating it to my family. I had a great childhood and continue to have the love and support of my family every day. I know not everyone is as fortunate so I am beyond thankful for them. I love them so so much! I'm not going to write too much here (I could write a book!) since I'd rather spend time with them (and eat some turkey) than sit alone and write about them, so I'll leave you with a few good photos.
(My sister Amy and myself)
(My wonderful parents, Linda and Bob)

(I have one living blood grandparent, my mom's mom Grandma Carol)

(Cousins! These are all the cousins on my dad's side, my closest cousins. Katie, Dianna, Greg, me, Aaron, and my sister Amy)
(I have extended family in Sweden and these are my cousins Kavita and Sabina)
(A rare cousin (and sister) reunion)
Have a nice meal today, even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving!
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