Louise Belcher (Bob's Burgers) - Halloween 2013

Louise Belcher 
On Halloween day this year, I dressed up as Louise from the cartoon show 'Bob's Burgers' during the day at work. It was a simple costume that would not bother me after an entire day at my desk. All I did was make the hat, the dress and flats were things I already owned. I guess, due to the style of dress, this is a more mature Louise. The hat was made with fleece and a few different patterns I found which I altered. The ears were the hardest part, I tried two other methods before I found one that worked. Inside each ear is a cardboard base, that worked best (better than fluff or fluff with wire). I love the way it came out but I might eventually fix up the little strings at the side if I decide to wear this costume again. 
Louise Belcher
 Louise Belcher Louise Belcher Louise Belcher Louise Belcher Louise Belcher Louise Belcher
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