Found Favorites #13 Modcloth Gift Guide

Ok, so I own a total of four  ModCloth dresses and some random accessories, so I'm not what you would call a frequent shopper there. However, I am a frequent browser! Sponsored post or not, I love sharing my favorite 'I need this in my life' wants from there. So since it's November, the month of being thankful and selfless, what if we 'online window shopped' not ourselves but for our friends? The website has their own great Gift Guide but I want to make one of my own. So here's five gift ideas from ModCloth and who to give them to!

So my sister is more of a dog person than a cat person, but I think this hat is just so adorable! A hat like this is perfect for my sister though, it's clothing (which she loves) but it does not take up too much space (which she does not have).

These dish towels are so pretty! Even though my mom and dad both use the kitchen equally, I know my mother is the one who does the decorating.

Okay, so maybe this only works if your boyfriend is a music nerd and/or a musician (like mine) but I think this shirt is a pretty great gift idea!

This desk lamp is a great gift for your always up late reading father or brother. I don't have a brother, but if I did I bet he'd be the book obsessed type since my dad is!

I almost did not include these headphone splitters, they are cute and allow 3 people so share; but they are not too uncommon. Then I saw the top comment. Yup. Perfect. That's why you should give this gift to your nerdy best friend.
(Not sure what AVPM is? You're welcome.)

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