Advertise in December!

Hello, just a friendly reminder that there are ad spots available on MagicCatJenny! We have large and small spots available. I am still offering those two for swap if you have a blog. If you want to advertise your shop or business, the prices are very reasonable. I have a few reviews and a giveaway planned for December and lots of fun Holiday themed posts!

If you recall I recently switched over to Adproval and so far it's been great. Just head over to my advertising page and select the ad size you'd like. Starting in December I'm offering two feature spots, 20 large spots, and 20 small spots. The large spots won't be swappable forever, so grab some swap space now!

One feature spot is booked till January and one will be open on December 19th. So if you are considering booking a feature ad spot for the new year, act soon!


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