4 Simple Goals *before 2014

Last year I participated in A Beautiful Mess' 4 Simple Goals tag so I thought I'd do it again this year! I went for a few out of my control things back then so I am making sure this time my goals are attainable yet important to me.
(Image credit: Rikard Fröberg)
1. Buy a succulent. Simple enough. I don't have any living plants in my apartment because we don't get much sun. I wish I lived in a place with a garden but that won't be for a long time. So I want to see if I can not kill a small succulent.

2. Inbox zero. I want to reach and mantaine (at least for a bit) zero messages in my email inbox. After I downloaded Mailbox on my phone I was able to reach it for a few weeks but it sadly did not last. I really really want to get there again.

3. Complete one more 2013 Goal. Ideally I'd like to complete more than one but at least one more would make me happy. I'll be sure to write a result;t post about that list once 2014 starts, and actually I think I did pretty well.

4. Rethink my shoes. I've recently been having feet problems and have to wear sole inserts in all my shoes now. They unfortunately don't fit in all of my current shoes and I still have some shoes from  high school(!) so I need to go through all of them and get rid of some. Also, my heath is more important then cute platform sandles.


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