My YouTube History Parts 1 and 2

I have not been posting my videos on this blog as much as I used to so today I thought I'd share some history and some videos. I have been feeling a bit down about YouTube lately, so I thought I'd relive some of that first time bliss when YouTube was still a new place. Today I posted a video talking about my short films I used to make before YouTube existed. I mentioned the "production company" my friends and I started in high school, Magic World Productions. (I still use the magic cat logo to this day.) I'd love it so much if you watched it and commented.

Here's the first video about my YouTube history I made almost a year ago. It was not meant to be a series but I did title it 'Part 1' so naturally, someone wanted a 'Part 2'. You can tell by the difference in the two videos, made about a year apart, that my vlog style has changed. Not to say that unscripted laying on a bed is necessarily a bad way to make videos, but having some editing, graphics, and music really amps up the production value when you're in the mood for production value that is.

Thanks for watching!

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