Goodbye Passionfruit Ads, Hello Adproval

After reading The Importance of Being Reese's post about her switch to Adproval from Passionfruit, I was inspired to try it out as well.  Passionfruit Ads recently started charging their users a monthly fee to sell and swap ads (you can still purchase ads with your account.) I don't make very much money (if any) selling ads on my blog so the $9 a month would be a waste. The thing is I really enjoy swapping ads and meeting other bloggers and to have to pay Passionfruit for even just that defeats the purpose.

So if you check out my new advertising page, you'll see that there are now 3 ad spots I offer per month. Currently I'm trying one 200x200 spot, ten 100x200 spots, and twenty 100x100 spots. They are all fairly priced however I am offering the option to swap ANY of the sizes. So if you want to pay and not worry about placing my ad on your blog (works great for shops) then feel free, but if you want to swap ads for free that option is just as important to me. Let me know what you think!


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