Extra Cosplay Photos!

Molotov Cocktease
Yesterday I searched some of my old photo folders and found some missing cosplay photos! These are from my Comic Con trip during summer of 2007. I still have quite a bit more photos to share from that trip (my Ariel costume for one!) but those will come later so stick around! Anyways, I've added these found photos to the costume posts for Wendla and Molotov which can be found in my costume archive that I am slowly completing. (7 years of costumes there so far, 6 more to go!) The above photos is when I met two random guys at the con who were dressed as Brock Samson and Dean Venture. (Characters from the show The Venture Brothers, where the Molotov character is from.) I also found some photos of my short lived Wendla costume from an earlier day during that con. Enjoy the photos!

Wendla Molotov Cocktease Wendla
Molotov Cocktease
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