T-Shirt and Jeans - An Outfit Post

T-Shirt and Jeans
So I've finally admitted to myself that I run a lifestyle blog. I've hid away from the genre, but I'm not sure why. Lifestyle blogs are among my favorites! In fact, if I had to honestly pick two categories for my blog it would be: geeky/nerdy & lifestyle. Welcome to my life I guess, I hope we can be friends! So, one of the best tropes of a lifestyle blog is the 'outfit post.' I love outfit posts! Sometimes they are called 'What I Wore, or 'Outfit of the Day' and they are always full of cute fashion ideas, ideal photography, and more dresses than I've ever owned.

I'd like to venture into that world myself. I sort of have, a bit. It took a blog linkup and a bit of cosplay (on my part) to 'force' me take that leap. Check that out here. I had fun and I want to do more! The thing is, if I'm being honest, I wear a t-shirt and jeans more than anything else. It's my go-to outfit for the everyday. Seriously, I wear that combo year round!
T-Shirt and Jeans
I want to stay true to myself but I also want to branch out with my personal style. It's not that I don't wear cute dresses with Peter Pan collars and nifty handmade jewelry every so often; I just feel if all of my outfit posts were that cute and put together I'd be a tad dishonest. At the same time I don't want every outfit post I make to feature me in my t-shirt and jeans. So I'm getting that confession out of the way right now.  I love my t-shirt and jeans! Hank Green put it nicely in his song titled 'T-Shirt and Jeans' "I try not to say too much with just my clothes". Oh Hank, you really get me.
I have another outfit post linkup thing going up next week and it's sort of a cross between super cute and normal lazy me. Also, I wish I had some beautiful wonderland to take my photos in like Kaylah or Amanda, so hopefully my indoor setup is even half as nice as Kate.

Do you regularly do outfit posts? Do you get dressed up for them or do you shoot whatever you happen to be wearing? Do you have a photographer? Indoors or outdoors? I really want to do this! I want to be girly and cute and talk about fashion every once in a while but also stay true to my nerdy t-shirt wearing self. Kristina does a great job of this I think, I guess I just need go for it. Any advice?

Outfit(s) Details
T-Shirt: TeeFury
Jeans: Old Navey
Summer sandles: Old Navey
Spring flats: H&M
Spring 'lounge' cardigan: StyleMint (I got it at a popup shop)
Fall hoodie: Maker Studios (Christmas present from work)
Fall shoes: Converse
Winter coat: Macys
Winter boots: Payless 
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