Room Tour: New Dressers - After

Jim and I bought new dressers from IKEA and here is how I organized mine. I use to have the right corner of the room for my things but I gave Jim that space and I now have the left wall by the door. I moved the small dresser and bookcase to the main living room and now it's actually perfect!
To the left of my dresser I have my CATS poster above my clothing rack. I don't keep cloths there all the time, as I often use the rack as a backdrop holder for video making.
Above the dresser I have framed prints of two of my favorite paintings. The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot, I sat at The MET and The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis by Jacques-Louis David I saw at The Getty.
I won this beautiful glass case from ABJ Glassworks via KittyAndBuck. I usually display my favorite rings inside it, right now it holds two JewelMint rings.
I really want to do this DIY on this glass tray I found at a secondhand store, but in the mean time it still does it's job of holding my multitude of sprays and perfumes. (and rings, and brooches, etc.)
To the right of my dresser I still have my necklace rack. (I think it's supposed to be a belt rack.)
I found a coat hanger thing at the same secondhand store, painted it black, and I'm using it to hang up my purses. (Storage tip: When your purses aren't being used, they can store things too!)
Below the necklaces and purses I'm using an old media stand for (some of) my shoes. (There's one of my camera bag purses in it's dust bag on the right.)
Thanks for reading! If you like these sort of posts let me know!

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you display your jewellery and accessories. I've been trying to think of ways to do the same, because I think if my jewellery and such were on display I'd be more inspired to wear different things on a more regular basis.