My Cousin got Engaged!

This week my cousin Dianna got engaged to her boyfriend Bob. He proposed to her after a half-marathon they both ran in. I was not there when it happened but she called me after. 

Dianna and I have been very close our whole lives. When my family moved and I had to switch schools, she was at the new school and we hung out during recess a lot. She's one year below me and the second step in our 'cousin stairs'. (I'm 27, she's 26, our cousin Aaron is 25, my sister Amy is 24, our cousin Katie is 23. Then Greg, Dianna's older brother, is the outlier at age 32.) 

Bob is a very nice guy and even before we really met he messaged me to help him out with one a past Christmas present for Dianna. When I've hung out with them together I can see that they really do love each other. (Even when Dianna makes Bob be the subject of her makeup design portfolio, hahaha!)

It's nice to now have a legitimate excuse for browsing the wedding tag on Pintrest, which I've been doing more and more frequently as so many of my friends are getting married and engaged. I guess it's now fare to share with you my two favorite wedding websites Off Beat Bride and Rock and Roll Bride. I'm not one to be super into traditions and I know Dianna likes to be a bit of a rebel as well so those sites are definitely refreshing. I don't know any of her plans yet but I will support her decisions no mater what.

Congratulations Dianna and Bob, I'm so excited for the two of you!

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Aurora Dianna Elyse said...

Aww, thanks Jenny this was really sweet!!!