Jenny Lewis dress

Jenny Lewis Dress
Today I'm participating in another outfit post link up sort of thing started by my blogger friend, Nessbow. The theme this time was "My Style Icon." I could have done so many different women, real, famous, or fictional. Who I chose was the musician Jenny Lewis. I don't know exactly what image of Jenny Lewis that inspired the purchase of this dress, but ever since I bought it I've been calling it my 'Jenny Lewis dress.'
Jenny Lewis Dress
I've loved Jenny Lewis since high school and her early Rilo Kiley albums. She's one of the few female musicians I really felt a connection with. (I tend to gravitate towards bands with all dudes.)  I think my favorite Jenny Lewis album is Rabbit Fur Coat (With The Watson Twins). Here's my favorite song off that ablum, You Are What You Love.

Looking for more? Enjoy this playlist with some more of my favorite Jenny Lewis songs. Jenny Lewis mix by New User on Grooveshark

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think of Jenny Lewis.
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