Off to NYC


Tomorrow I am headed off to New York City for a friend's wedding. I have a few friends who have moved there in the past few years so I'm excited to see them as well. This photo was from the last time I was in NYC, the summer of 2006. I'm in the process of finding all my old photographs from trips and vacations and getting them all on Flickr so the rest of the '06 photos will be up soon. I'm sure this trip I'll take a ton of photos and perhaps I'll compare the two.

Tomorrow the next edition of Science Fiction Double Feature is going up on this blog and the video will be up on YouTube. I hope everyone is enjoying the series as much as I am. Other than that I don't think I'll be posting any new things here till I'm back next week. Thanks for being such great readers and leaving me comments, it makes my day! If you follow me on Instagram you'll get my NYC updates first, if not I'll see you next week!


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