My VidCon 2013 Haul

There was a lot of free swag at VidCon, but there was also lots of shopping opportunists. Here are some of the awesome things I picked up, and yes the are almost all exclusively geeky fashion. 

First is this Tetris Nerd t-shirt from DFTBA Records. It was designed by  Alan Lastufka & Vlogbrothers. As a geeky nerdy YouTuber, I'm happy it's finally a part of my wardrobe.

This beautiful 20d necklace is from the shop Midnight House Elves. I also purchased a DFTBA pin, all the proceeds from those go to the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation (TSWGO). Click here to learn more about TSWGO and its mission and/or to make a direct donation to this charity.

I finally got this adorable wood cut owl necklace from Lauren Fairweather and her Fairweather Friends shop. I absolutely adore her shop and own two plushies from her as well. She's also a YouTuber and a musician. She is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to crafting & doing YouTube. (She blogs too!)

I have been meaning to get a DFTBA necklace from Karen Kavett for quite a while. She is a graphic designer and YouTuber and she is really really amazing. Her designs can be purchased at DFTBA Records. (I also got a sticker with her logo!) 

Some other things I bought at VidCon that are not pictured are two card games: Evil Baby Orphanage & Story War. I recently played them both with Jim's siblings and we had a great time!

Did you go shopping at VidCon? What awesome things did you buy? Maybe one day my shop will have it's own shop set up there...maybe.

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